We need to act before it’s too late.

The decline of bee populations and pollinators is a massive concern for global agriculture and food security. Urban spread, pesticides, climate change, and disease are taking their toll.

Bee Professor was built to help people take action.

The mission

It’s gut-wrenching to watch our fuzzy friends struggle, so we built this website to help make a change. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate beekeeping so that it becomes a mainstream hobby. This won’t happen overnight, but we’re not going anywhere.

Every additional beekeeper offers our honey bees a helping hand. Providing them with a safe home, planting bee-friendly gardens, and avoiding harmful chemicals are just a few ways to help.   

Bee Professor offers free resources and guides to help beekeepers of all levels operate thriving hives. Best of all, we’re an ad-free website so our visitors enjoy distraction-free reading.

Who we are

Meet the founder

Bee Professor was founded in 2021 by Prudence Wood, an experienced beekeeper and author. She started out in the bee-loving capital of North Dakota, but is now enjoying the bee-friendly climate offered by Texas.

Prudence has kept bees in Langstroth, Warre, and Top Bar hives for 15 years and has also tinkered with Flow Hives and Skeps.

Running a website is time-consuming, so Prudence has a team of assistants who are also passionate about beekeeping. We teach you how to be a better beekeeper, from the basics through to more advanced topics.

Hear more from the team by listening to the Beekeeping Buzz Podcast, by Bee Professor. Or jump onto Amazon and read Prue’s latest eBook about bee breeds.

An illustration of Prudence Wood, a Beekeeper in North Dakota.

Our content

The information provided by Bee Professor is broken into three sections.

  • Honey Bees: looks at the science and entomology behind honey bees, with a focus on the queen, worker bees, and drones.
  • Beekeeping: tips, advice, troubleshooting, and how-to guides on a range of common beekeeping topics.
  • Equipment: learn how different beekeeping equipment and tools work and which are the best for your needs.

Connect with us

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