At Bee Professor, we do our best to deliver accurate and actionable content tailored for beekeepers at every level. Our editorial team adheres to stringent principles and maintain a rigorous fact-checking process.

The goal is to create content that’s free from errors and to quickly address anything that isn’t up to scratch. We encourage our readers to report any inaccuracies or concerns through our contact page.

Our stance on AI content

Like the honey bee, we’re solid believers in hard work. We oppose AI written content, regardless of how it looks. All our articles, reviews, and how-to guides are 100% human written.

The pillars

Our editorial content, including advice, recommendations, and assessments, remains uninfluenced by business affiliations. We always point out financial gain.

  • We believe every reader deserves access to information that is precise, comprehensive and balanced.
  • Our information is sourced from personal writer experience combined with reputable experts. We often call on the opinions of social media group members to get a well-rounded take.
  • Editorial team members do not receive direct compensation from business partners or advertisers, safeguarding our content’s integrity.
  • All website content goes through a thorough fact-checking process involving writers and editors.

Reader feedback can be left in the comments section of each page on this website. Alternatively, reach out using our contact us page.