7 Best Bee Smokers For Beekeepers In 2024

Bee smoker resting on a hive and puffing smoke surrounded by honey bees

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Bee smokers are essential for calming bees during hive inspections and honey harvesting. They’re a simple device that do an excellent job of keeping a beekeeper’s body free from stings.

After days of research and testing, we’ve compiled a list of the best bee smokers for beekeepers. Our team weighed up the pros and cons of each model so that you can decide which is suitable for your apiary.

The Foxhound Bee Company Pro Smoker is our top recommendation as an excellent all-rounder. It’s innovative and provides the ideal balance of price and performance.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our three favorite choices:

Editor's Pick
Foxhound Bee Company Professional Smoker

A heavy-duty smoker that is big enough to keep smoking for long periods.

Best For Kids
Benefitbee Bee Smoker

A well-built smoker that's lightweight and made for smaller hands.

Best Budget
VIVO Large Bee Hive Smoker

A simple, low-cost smoker that's perfect for beekeepers on a budget.

Top 8 beehive smokers

Below is our comprehensive list of the best beekeeping smokers available online. We discuss their features, specifications, strengths, and weaknesses.

For a roundup summary, listen to the podcast below.

1. Foxhound Bee Company Professional Smoker

Foxhound Bee Company Pro Smoker on white background

The Foxhound Bee Co Pro Smoker is the perfect mix of performance and value for money. It is an affordable device with a heavy-duty design built to last. It has all the regular features expected from a leading hive smoker: quality stainless steel construction, a safety shield, and a convenient hive tool holder.

The Pro Smoker sets itself apart from the competition with larger bellows and an innovative airflow tube configuration. We noticed more thick, cool smoke pumped from the nozzle. That means multiple hive inspections without relighting. Busy beekeepers in larger hive operations will appreciate this added performance.

Another noteworthy feature of this tool is its fuel chamber which is easy to light. An airflow tube in the firebox and a thick airflow plate combine to make lighting the fire easier.

The team at Bee Professor also liked the aesthetics of the Foxhound Bee Company Pro Smoker. Star cutouts and green bellows will help your smoker stand out in the bee yard.

  • Over-size bellows for more smoke
  • Durable design built to last
  • Looks better than most of the competition
  • Easy to hang storage hook
  • Bellows aren't made with leather
  • The hinge needs improvement

2. VIVO Large Stainless Steel Bee Hive Smoker

Side-on shot of a VIVO Large Smoker

The VIVO Large Smoker is a durable tool made from stainless steel. It is an excellent choice for beekeepers working on a budget.

Smokers become very hot, meaning beekeepers can get burnt if they’re not careful. The VIVO has a handy heat shield protector that prevents the user from getting burnt.

We also liked the holes in the base of the smoker. They encourage airflow to assist with getting the fire started and keeping it going.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Affordable tool
  • Handy mounting hook when not in use
  • Bellows aren't made of leather
  • Bottom of the smoker gets red hot
  • Thinner steel than some brands

3. Benefitbee Bee Smoker

Image of a Benefitbee Kids Smoker next to the box packaging

The Benefitbee Bee Smoker is made for children interested in beekeeping. It works like a regular tool, but it’s a much better size for smaller hands.

This smoker’s fire chamber and nozzle are stainless steel, and the bellows are leather. A perforated base plate improves airflow and encourages the fuel to burn.

While this is a great choice for kids, it doesn’t have the standard safety grill you get on many full-sized smokers. We’d love to see this added in future designs and have reached out to the company to let them know.

We’d love to see fun, colorful beehive-inspired kid’s designs on the tool. It would make the beekeeping experience more fun and less intimidating for youngsters getting started beekeeping.

  • Made from stainless steel and leather
  • Excellent for children
  • Suits small hands
  • Low-cost gadget
  • No outer safety grill
  • Needs a kid-friendly color scheme

4. Goodland Bee Supply 11-Inch Stainless Steel Smoker

Goodland Bee Company Smoking Tool next to the accessories it comes with

The Goodland Bee Supply Hive Smoker is a mid-priced tool with a solid reputation among beekeepers. Its welded metal cage provides valuable protection if it gets dropped and stops hands from getting burnt.

The tool’s large canister means beekeepers can smoke beehives for longer without re-fueling. There’s also a smaller nozzle which provides a more accurate shot of smoke.

A set of three Mugwort smoke logs are included with every smoker. While this isn’t much fire-lighting material, it’s not nothing.

  • Large size for extended smoking
  • Protective cage for durability and safety
  • Includes three smoke pellets
  • Pellet stand is easy to remove for cleaning
  • Doesn't have leather bellows
  • The lid tends to pop open

5. GLOGLOW Beehive Smoke Sprayer

A picture of a Gloglow Hive Smoker with an isolated background

The GLOGLOW Beehive Smoke Sprayer is a unique tool that beekeepers can use to calm the colony.

While the chamber and nozzle look like a standard smoker, the mechanical attachment sets it apart from the others. A hand crank creates airflow without the need for billows. While this will appeal to some users, keep in mind the device is heavier than most and may be cumbersome to operate.

  • Unique design with hand crank
  • Gives off more smoke than models with billows
  • Safety grill stops unwanted burns
  • Hook for hanging up when not in use
  • Heavy and cumbersome to use

6. Blisstime Bee Hive Smoker

Blisstime Beehive Smoking Device and fuel pellets

The Blisstime Hive Smoker is a good option for beginner beekeepers looking for a low-cost tool for single hive owners. While the construction is a little flimsy, it should last a few years in a small hive operation.

This smoker has a hook for hanging in the tool shed or the side of a hive. There’s also a heat guard to keep the hot outside away from your skin.

Blisstime is also featured in out review of the best beekeeping starter kits.

  • Leather and stainless steel materials
  • Affordable device for small-scale beginners
  • Includes 54 smoker pellets
  • Flimsy construction

7. Honey Keeper Bee Hive Smoker

Honey Keeper Bee Smoker

The Honey Keeper Smoker is an affordable device made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel. Although it has a heat shield, the surface of the chamber takes longer than most to heat up. That means less chance of beekeepers burning themselves.

This model comes with standard features like a storage hook, heat shield, and long-lasting bellows. There’s also a base plate with small legs to keep fire material off the bottom of the chamber. This component helps circulate air, making it easier to start the fire and keep it lit. It also stops the bottom from getting too hot.

It’s worth noting that this smoker is an excellent choice for beekeepers on a budget. It is a low-cost tool, but its workmanship won’t compare to a high-end alternative.

  • Made with quality materials
  • Popular brand with a good reputation
  • Aerates cool smoke effectively
  • Base plate and lid don't always fit securely

Summary comparison table

ProductWeightHeightDiameterSmoke output
Foxhound Bee Co Pro Smoker1.99lb12.5”5”Bellows
VIVO Large Stainless Steel Beehive Smoker2.8lb12”4”Bellows
Benefitbee Bee Smoker0.64lb7”2.7”Bellows
Goodland Bee Smoker  2lb7”4”Bellows
GLOGLOW Beehive Smoke Sprayer5lb11”4”Hand crank
Blisstime Bee Hive Smoker2.14lb11”4”Bellows
Honey Keeper Bee Hive Smoker1.7lb11”4”Bellows

What is a beekeeping smoker?

If you enjoy working with less aggressive, docile bees, a hive smoker is an essential piece of beekeeping equipment. It produces cool smoke that calms the bees without harming them. You can learn more about how smokers work here.

Beekeepers may find their bees are calm insects that don’t become defensive during inspections and honey collection. However, bees are wild animals that aren’t always easy to read. It’s worth having a smoking device on hand when the colony decides they don’t want you in their space.

Features to consider in a bee hive smoker

Bee smokers are a simple tool, but there are several features to consider before purchasing.

  • Method of fanning smoke: The most popular smokers use bellows to pump air into the chamber and smoke out the nozzle. They’re a tried and tested design that costs less and does the job. There are also hand crank devices and electric gadgets which make life easier, but they cost more and are more likely to break.
  • Heat shield: The wire guard surrounding the chamber protects fingers from getting burnt. This barrier also offers some protection if the tool falls from a height.
  • Mounting hook: This basic hook is extremely useful for hanging the smoker on a hive when not in use.
  • Base plate: A metal base that fits into the bottom of the cannister will make lighting the fire and keeping it burning straightforward. It also stops the base of the device from becoming too hot.
  • Materials: Smokers with poor ratings usually get them from sub-standard materials that don’t last or fit together poorly. Look for weatherproof, stainless steel materials and leather bellows. Check customer reviews claiming the parts are loose or don’t fit together easily.
  • Price: The price tag is always a consideration when making a purchase. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that a higher-quality smoker usually provides a better user experience. It may also provide a better investment in the long run.
  • Warranty: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer for peace of mind. It will provide protection in case of defects or issues with the product.
Smoke wisps coming from the nozzle of a hive smoker

Commonly asked questions

How long does a bee smoker provide smoke?

The smoker’s chamber size greatly impacts how long it will give off smoke. Expect a 10″ x4″ smoker to last two hours if it is packed tightly with appropriate fuel. Larger 12″ x5″ models add 1-2 extra hours of smoking time, which benefits larger apiaries.

Can I over smoke a bee hive?

A smoker should be used sparingly, so beekeepers that still have aggressive bees after smoking are best to return another day. Over-smoking a hive will taint the flavor of honey and isn’t good for bee health.

What safety precautions should I take when using a smoker?

Always use bee smokers in a safe location away from flammable materials or areas prone to forest fires. Check that there are no fire restrictions in place before lighting.

What type of fuel is best to use in a beekeeping smoker?

In a smoker, use fuel like wood shavings, hay, pine needles, wood pellets, or burlap. There is also a range of commercial products which are slow-burning materials that light quickly.

What are the alternatives to a bee smoker?

Some useful alternatives to hive smokers include homemade sprays and liquid bee smoke.

How we tested the best hive smokers

Searching for the top smokers is no easy feat. The market has a vast range, so our small team couldn’t test them all. Here’s how we approached the task.

Research: To create a shortlist, we contacted friends and colleagues on forums and social media. Groups like Beekeeping for Beginners and Youtube video reviews provide a wealth of advice from experienced beekeepers. This knowledge was combined with the experience of our editor, Prudence, to get a helpful list of contenders.

Field testing: We tested each tool on a range of honey products, allowing for some valid comparisons between each model. Each product is judged on accuracy, ease of use, durability, weight, and price.

Of course, there are other excellent smokers on the market that didn’t feature on this list. We only considered tools readily available online so all our readers can access them.

Editor's Pick
Foxhound Bee Company Professional Smoker

A heavy-duty smoker that is big enough to keep smoking for long periods.

Best For Kids
Benefitbee Bee Smoker

A well-built smoker that's lightweight and made for smaller hands.

Best Budget
VIVO Large Bee Hive Smoker

A simple, low-cost smoker that's perfect for beekeepers on a budget.

Summing up

As a beekeeper, having the right tools is essential to keeping our bees calm during hive inspections and honey harvesting. One of the most important tools is the bee smoker, producing cool smoke that pacifies the bees without harming them.

After extensive research and testing, we found that the Foxhound Bee Company Pro Smoker perfectly balances price and performance.

What’s missing from our list? Contact us with any suggestions, as we’re frequently updating our recommendations.

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